Cs go warowl matchmaking academy MODERATORS

Cs go warowl matchmaking academy

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And would you also question whether he is qualified to do such analysis either? I don't think WarOwl is a god, but it was amusing that you called someone else a brick wall or suggest they look up things in the dictionary.

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Your insistence that only high-level competitive players would help garner interest in competitive CS: You can find your matchmaking demos in this folder: Some synced audio track to go with the recording. It was a very close match at the beginning at Cache.

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You were trying to suggest he is pretty much the face of CS: Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. To reiterate, I guess what's most upsetting of all is that you reject people like WarOwl not only because you think that they are incapable of offering good advice to the average non-professional CS player, but because you think that they are harmful to "advancing the game and the community.

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GO promotes elitism that takes the fun out a sport. So, please don't close this tonight, as I really want to participate! Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you.

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Despite what some of Warowl's more zealous fans may say to you, I think your intentions can only strengthen the community over time, and I think the Warowl would agree.

Unless he went cs go warowl matchmaking academy a different name back then, I cannot find any proof of him competing. Why should I use your demo? Shoot them down all you want after they've given their best, but not before.

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But there hadn't been any misinformation yet. Thats all it was about.

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Regardless of his lack Of pro play, how could this possibly be a bad thing? Just record a POV instead of using the watch tab for gotv.

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There doesn't have to be just one series aimed at improving in csgo. It is just plain upsetting about the ridiculous precedent that sets.

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