Hook up new power supply How to install a Power Supply Including Basic Cable Management

Hook up new power supply

Grab the 24 pin power connector; it looks like this: Turn on your computer.

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Mid- and high-end graphics cards will require one or multiple 6- and 8-pin connectors. Remove the power cable from the back of the PSU if it is jo yoon woo dating agency and if it has a switch set this to the 'off' position. Next, take all your wires and place them through the lower cable management holes, shown in this next image: Here is a chart depicting the information we just discussed.

I have used this resource supplies times and highly recommend it to hook looking for power requirement information. I'm almost finished with assembling my first PC, and it's gone rather well so far largely dating anaheim to the Tom's forums. This guide has a pretty solid pictorial on what sort of connectors go where starting at step seven.

I just need someone to tell me where to connect all of the cables.


This will make things easier if you run into powers and you are less likely to make mistakes. It will need to provide enough power so that all of the components can function properly. There may be tie straps in the case, which may need to be cut.

Connect the 12V power to the motherboard.

Of course it eats the guide when I try and fix my post. If everything is connected and powered properly, the fan on the power supply should turn on and your computer will boot like it normally would.

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First of all, you're not stupid. These will be marked as PCI-E connectors.

Building Step 10

Answer this question Flag as It will also need to have the correct connectors for your hardware, hook. If you have any trouble inserting them, try slightly angling them as you inset them to match the male and female connections.

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This is the largest connector on the power supply. When removing power supply screws, hold on to power supply. Almost all components will require power directly from the PSU, although some such as PCI cards will receive it from the motherboard.

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Subscribe to New Hardware. ValarHodoris Aug 2,4: In new power, power connections are designed to be hard to put in wrong, so if it isn't going in, chances are something's turned wrong.

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Never open up or insert any metal objects into the vents of it, as you can risk electrical shock. It depends on whether you want the power supply to affect the air pressure of the machine.

At this point your wallet will be feeling a bit empty due to the astringent price attached to any platinum certified power supply. Laying the case on its side will typically provide the best access to the power supply housing. Some of the more powerful video cards require two PCI-E connectors.

However, this could lead to a slight temp increase for the PSU, which could, in turn, mean louder operation. Not Helpful 7 Helpful No special tools required.

All things are plugged in except supply card. I hope this document helps anyone who is looking for assistance with choosing and installing a power supply.

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Make sure that the wattage of the power supply is sufficient for the hardware you have installed. Tips If the computer still does not power-up, check all cable connections again, then begin troubleshooting your motherboard and CPU chip.