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The generally-accepted story about Wheatstone concertina production has been that Wheatstone made concertinas English, Anglo, and Duet from serial beginning aboutending with or so in the mids. The signatures on both sales receipts from appear to belong to Charles Jeffries, given that the handwriting differs from signatures known to belong to Charles Jeffries jnr.

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Earlier ledgers from the Wayne Archives contain dating concertinas sales records from the late s to the s along with production records from the s to the s and some early records of wages and other payments. A photostat catalogue of the concertina was privately published: There are a couple of very useful entries for early Lachenal Englishes: Later ledgers from the Dickinson Archives contain production records from toagain with some gaps.

The latter type of gold tooling ends in an open ellipse at the corners, whereas the earlier type appears to have an additional dating concertinas filled ellipse after the open ellipse see Fig.

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We have been unable to ascertain if the use of different dating concertinas tooling dies varied by Jeffries manufacturing period, by model of Jeffries concertina, or simply at the discretion of the worker doing the tooling. Indeed, Lachenal suggested as much in his first advertisement, which appeared in the edition of the annual Musical Directory, Register and Almanac London: This HTML version of the article adds a number of additional photographs and active links to many of the sources cited in the joong ki dating 2014 article.

In summary -- it's a very pretty little box and I'd like to know more about its dating. Other ledgers at the Horniman Museum record various information about concertinas from the mids tobut the period has no known records.

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Intwo years after the death of his wife Elizabeth Jesse, William Jeffries was telegraph dating discount code holiday in Morocco with his son Maurice a surveyor in the civil service and daughter-in-law Rhoda born Rhoda McCarthy, We have copies of a Jeffries-system duet tutor that Thomas Jeffries penned ina MacCann duet tutor, and an Anglo concertina tutor see Appendix 2.

In an unpublished interview from the s, Harry Crabb said that John Crabb, his dating concertinas, had built the early Jeffries concertinas, but that Jeffries had some other supplier for the reeds.

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Our best estimates pertain to the production periods, rather than exact years, in which individual concertinas were built. It all went for as little as a hundred quid, including the gas oil that drove the machinery. A number of other people have contributed insights and information.

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The census entry for William Jeffries is neither immediately legible see Fig. It was after the move to 23 Praed Street that the Jeffries image for high quality concertinas took shape around the metal-fret Anglos concertinas that would become legendary among players. All surviving ledgers have been digitized some 2, pages in total and made available free on the web for private research.

The split-up among the brothers supposedly was far from amiable. All numbers from 1 indian dating sites without membership are covered, with approximate dates of manufacture. As a result, the air dating concertinas that is normally centered dating concertinas a floral motif is mounted further who is lil wayne dating now in 2016 in the first available blank area of fretwork see Figure The constant output assumption is obviously rather dicey.

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Lateral reed chamber layouts of key and key Jeffries concertinas The metal fretwork on most Jeffries concertinas extends all the way to the sides of the ends, but exceptions exist. Perhaps the most prolific of the London-based concertina makers, the Lachenal company was founded by the Swiss engineer Louis Lachenal, after his years firstly as a craftsman, then as a manager, at the Wheatstone workshops at 20 Conduit Street.

A photo of a Salvation Army Anglo concertina band from the early s—described at www.

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View New Content Concertina. We list below short summaries of some of the Lachenal instruments in the Collection, including Item C. Charles Jeffries jnr, like Jeffries Bros.

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In SeptemberIan Streamer posted the following message at www. Those actually issued as separate pricelists were found in old concertina cases; from internal evidence it is possible to date these c. Unpublished manuscripts, Horniman Museum Library. Finding this advertisement was the first clue that there had been a factory in existence at Chiswick.

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Wheeldon for sending these, and diligently answering other questions from me. Jeffries concertinas with 28 keys are relatively rare.

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