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10 Things I’ve Learned About Dating an Ironman

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MaamJuuf October 18, at Triathletes take themselves way too seriously. It took watching 6 youtube videos, but now I can do a perfect knee, shoulder and lower back tape.

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This article has been written for a joke - although a lot of what was written is actually pretty relevant to most triathletes. But pretty soon, I realized just how much fun it can be. I say failed because my previous attempts at dating ironman marathons left me injured pretty quickly in my training.

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Triathletes take themselves way too seriously Like Unlike 1 Liked grand rapids dating scene. So there we are. Plus, all that cheering during race season gives you plenty of excuses for your Ironman to spoil you rotten i. Hey, let's be friends!

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And on those occasions when nature takes its course, even then things may not go entirely as you would wish, and I know of at least one true tale of a triathlete who wore a heart rate monitor during moments of tenderness to measure calories burned and what their heart rate dating business cards up to in case it needed to be logged in their training diary.

Being the spectator, I could sit on the sidelines sipping wine and working on my tan while cheering him on. How could I dating about IT band ironmans from hiking 20 miles when he biked that day?

Also expect your dreamboat to tell constant lies about the dating ironman of chocolate they consume, and be prepared to witness the full horror of a hungry triathlete who returns from a training ride and, having previously eaten less than a Trappist sparrow, proceeds to consume the entire contents of a kitchen cupboard in one go.

A true test of triathlon obsession is to secretly start a stopwatch going when you begin a non-triathlon conversation and see how many minutes seconds your sweetheart takes to change dating a scorpio woman tips topic to something tri-related.

Rule #1: Get your own life.

Sorry but this dating ironman is nonsense. Not too shabby if you ask me.

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Brunty is a triathlete and I suspect the article was written with the input of his long suffering wife, as a triathlete I can see many of these trends in myself, albeit the ironman is an dating exaggeration for COMIC EFFECT - we come back to this at point 3.

Also prepare yourself for the latest nutritional fad concerning beetroot, or peanut-butter, or broccoli, or smoothies which will dominate their diet for the next two weeks. Say goodbye to ever being on time for anything ever again, and say hello to waiting around for your sweetheart guide online dating return an hour later than promised from an all-morning bike ride.

I preferred to be the one IN the race. Subscribe by email for the latest updates and get 4 free no-equipment workouts you can do anywhere!

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Have a laugh Like Unlike Like this. My advice, put up with it for 10 minutes, and then say something ppolite and get them to change the subject.

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Once you have done this revisit point 3 above. With chiselled and honed physiques triathletes should look great when dressed up to the nines. How do you balance supporting his goals, as well as achieving your own?