Dating a smoker guy Should Smoking Be a Deal Breaker?

Dating a smoker guy

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Last year, he quit again, this time because he was given an ultimatum — the cigarettes or me. I hold a graduate degree. He apologized profusely and agreed to quit again, not just for me but for himself. I cut down, then switched to ultra lights and then dating games free cold turkey. Furthermore, when your children have friends over chances are they will notice the smell in your house that you will become used to if you live with a smoker. He been smoking almost 10 years!

You either have to love them faithful dating site way they are or find someone else to love. This is an addiction, no? I want something healthy. He did eventually stop when they had my brother. It had nothing to do with him, but did have everything to do with being ready. PS — I once broached a similar topic on what to do if the man or woman you love is unhealthy. It could be worse.

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But it also allowed me to see what a horrible addiction smoking is. Also, there are dating online in kenya more adverse consequences than weight gain when you have unhealthy habits.

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Her body will be ruined by it. I am a smoker.

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I have a lot of conversations with women who inquire about which coaching dating a smoker guy is the right fit. Lol Even if I chose to stay in the relationship, the guy would more likely dump me for my boiling resentment and spite. After every shift, my hair and clothes would stink of smoke and my fingernails of beer.

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Reblogged this on I deserve someone who's afraid of losing me and commented: He wanted it for himself and his health. Main reasons being it is unhealthy for her and myself and I don't want to taste smokers mouth. I don't really care about it as much as I used to.

You have to quit for you, not because someone wants you to.

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The OP laid her bed and now should lay in it. But that he was doing it for himself, not FOR me. I am sure her boyfriend is a wonderful partner, besides his addiction.

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If he smokes, you have to deal with it and pray to God that he stop. But it is extremly hard to quit i have tried and failed many times.

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