Who is abby dating on days of our lives Chad and Abigail DiMera

Who is abby dating on days of our lives

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Abby was furious with Chad as she wanted Ben to die. They eat fries and gossip about Kate and Andre, who are probably gossiping.

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Later, Hope takes Abigail aside and notifies her that Chad isn't with Gabi and in fact, he was deeply saddened by the divorce papers but Abigail insists that she has made the right decision.

Abby shouts at Chad and JJ to stop Ben, but they don't see him there. She also apologised for what her brother did to her.

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Chad wondered if she knew what it was like to live without her. Months later, she starts receiving messages from Jack via her cell phone.

Chad and Abigail walk through the square and get amorous and take it home.

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Afterwards, Abigail and Chad start to plan a future together. Abigail gave birth to a healthy baby boy, thanks to a midwife named Wendy Taylor who was killed by Ben after she helped in giving birth to Abigail's son.

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After he leaves, Abigail arrives with Thomas as she walks in on Chad and Gabi kissing. And it might have been fate, or destiny, or God -- whatever it didn't matter what mattered is that he found her. Abigail and Chad reconcile, however, but shortly thereafter Chad and Gabi are locked in a meat locker by Deimos Kiriakis and Chad tells Gabi he loves her.

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Commissioner Raines arrives and puts everyone as a suspect in this murder. Sonny tells her about kissing Paul on New Year's.

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Abigail said she was excited to go out on a date with Chad and he agreed. Abigail's storylines often focused on young love and budding romances. Abigail confessed to Austin that she had made up the whole affair. Chad charmed Abigail and soon became interested in Ben's sister, Jordan Ridgeway.

He sees the device in her hand hiv aids dating websites wants it. Through destroying it themselves.

He takes off, asking her not to follow, but she does.

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Abigail Meets Chad for the first time.