My girlfriend has a profile on a dating site So your boyfriend (or girlfriend) still has a profile on an online dating site...

My girlfriend has a profile on a dating site

My Girlfriend is active on a dating website, any suggestions?

I really appreciated your update and I'm glad you're scaling back for the moment. There are definitely non-threatening profiles for having a profile.

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It's definitely worth having a conversation over which means you're going to have to own your violation of her privacy and face those consequences. It's up to you.

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Curious, I just clicked on the Mail icon, but had no plans of reading her messages. If you can't do that then your relationship was never going to work out anyway. Be straight up with her, don't get emotional no matter what just ask. It's nice if you tell people that are giving you advice, "thank you.

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I just got used to her friends constantly looking over each others' shoulders and posting photos of their food so they can comment and gossip on each others' choice of breakfast. So, really there is no good excuse for it. And plenty of girls out there that say yes to the first warm body… makes me wonder how dissimilar we are, when we get down to it…. As for the tracking unless it's an emergency just don't do it!! Than just ASK them about it!

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If your curiosity gets to you get a hidden camera maybe for the door or driveway even and don't tell her. She likes to wake up to a cheesy lovey type text and woe betide me if a forget. As I travel a lot in my job, she likes to see dating site I am during the day, she says its comforting and she texts me if she sees me in an interesting location and I text back with a photo of what I'm seeing.

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You are the other half of this relationship and you have a right to know 'what' is going on in your relationship with this woman.

It seems like you speak about the way she conducts her friendships in a negative way. I click on it, and it's a personal for a woman seeking a man or woman for a discreet sexual encounter!

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She says she's lonely because of my job and if I could change I would but its not really practical right now. I just think this is funny Yesterday was my birthday and I was feeling pretty crap about the fact I had to work and I just wished I was. Instead of using this newly discovered online profile as an a-ha!

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How should I go about speed dating bath bristol situation and at what point do I raise the subject with singles 50s dating To me, that sounds fucking difficult.

That was the first thing I did but she ignored it. You and Alex touched on that very similarly.

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See my girlfriend has re: I'm not even sure she's looked. Location hell Posts Hello, I have been seeing a girl now for just over 2 months we have been very close and are exclusive and we were friends for 3 months before we started dating.