Wot matchmaking fairness Old favourite Matchmaking - is unfair

Wot matchmaking fairness

Nah, it's that they now have the tools to murder smokers.

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However, if the system of matchmaking were to be left alone, I wouldn't really mind in the instance of Light Tanks, yet I would be happy if Light Tanks classed as Scouts would have Sixth Sense weed speed dating a default perk wot I've long been an advocate of this, and I think that drink shop do speed dating Light Tanks without it is extremely difficult, dangerous, and can be very frustrating when you get one-shotted out of your bush where you thought that you were invisibly passive scouting the enemy team.

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There was not enough time and too few situationsituations to get good, penetrating shots on the enemies. The problem is - as always - the broken gamebalance and the playerbase.

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Some matchmakings fairness do not apply to Blitz, but it is mostly accurate. Sovietdeath 10 Posted 04 April - Personally I don't have half the matchmaking issues that everyone moans about. Some other players have gone hard on one tank line to tier X and might have crappy PR with the same amount of battles just because they faced better opponents earlier.

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With a cruiser at least I wot light everything on fire and have a reasonable chance to dodge. I might be partial due to having a battle where I 1v1 a full health Yamato.

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I won't grind any silver ships through T8 with this MM, only in ranked there is some fun fairness to do this. I'll write it myself in a matchmaking If a player happens to fit your description his PR would be much lower than yours.

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It seems like common sense: In fact, they've re-tweeted several of my mentions regarding fairly good matchesdespite the fact that I'm one of their harshest critics on social media. The problem isn't the MM, the problem is the broken game. Now, I think that this isn't the case.

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So you are getting killed by a Minotaur outside your your Atago gun range? Some ships can handle it, but most can't.

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As an example I just played a majority T10 game in the Eddie. What Matchmaking should look like made up, idealistic match up: