Dating architects 9 Things They Don’t Tell You About Dating An Architect

Dating architects

Relationships don't have to be so hard.

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How do you impress an architect on a date? How do I impress a computer programmer on a date?

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Books About Architects and Love. Throw in a large scale printer and it will be like you have your very own personal Kinkos at your disposal. I spy Lincoln Logs? If that doesn't work, just find one with Mark Ruffalo in it. Related Questions How do I impress a physicist on a date?

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It will be like the highway is a giant building zoo for your dating architects. Related Questions How do I impress an engineer on a date? Jul 10, architalks Stephen Ramos 2 Comments.

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In fact, your architect is probably equipped at all times with a sketchbook, a roll of trace and at least 3 types of pens. Your architect will keep you guessing.

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