Dating afghanistan guy What should I expect in dating an Afghan guy and how can I make his parents like me?

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March 29, at 8: And don't convert to Muslim because of him. And in doing so, we women compromise ourselves and our reputations at an extremely disproportionate rate than our brothers. Originally Posted by samy23 Wow you have given me plenty to think about!

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I guess it is an Afghan cultural taboo, this whole Afghan girls have to be good girls and all, no parent would want a hoe for a daughter. Should I be concerned?


Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? But, I want to stress that your and his views can change regarding many things.

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Soundbite of laughter Mr. And frankly, he's being very clear about what he truly wants.

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Some people feel insecure and tough behind a computer screen. You truly speak what is in my mind and I respect you for not being afraid of getting your voice out there. September 4, at 1: In sjov dating profil culture, dogs are not kept as pets very often, so he was not used to them really.

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Our religious guy even among Catholics, which can be very different are almost identical. March 26, at 9: And how do I know that this holds truth? However, death as a punishment for disobedience is untrue, most Muslim men won't do that, only crazy ones just like love language dating site the world - some men would kill their wives for unfounded reasons - look at Central America, the way they treat women there is horrendous! If you are committed enough to Christianity that you would want your children to be raised Christian, then you should want a Christian partner as well.

Yesterday I saw some videos on his TV which were from his brother's engagement party.

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I tried to learn about his culture, and took care of his family and business. Most users ever online wasat Potential red flags here, to be honest.

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However it is actually acceptable in Islam for Muslim men to have up to four wives, and obviously to date outside of the marriage in order to find these speed dating nl. He's is a professional.

Have a healthy relationship dating afghanistan the parents, if even that means keep your distance. I have a young sister, and would never want her to end up with an ungrateful guy, rather have her single. This guide from here https: Burrying their daughters in holes and stoning them for dating I have seen it among Christians as well, and dh saw it in folk of every religion in his country.

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In the West it is rare for the woman to be required to wear the Hijab head covering yet it is still generally considered to be the man's 'right' to request that you do. How does he feel about gender roles?

But the very least we can do is treat our sons and daughters equally.

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In reply to a few questions: I am realizing that a man who loves you can be of any race, as long as he loves you truly and whole heartedly you will never be sad again. Guy 20, at 5: To many Western women this could be seen as hypocrisy and it is something that many will not be comfortable with.

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I am Afghan Hazara and my traditional parents want me to marry a Hazara just like ourselves.