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Argan, coconut, olive, eucalyptus, avocado—your nose becomes expert at sniffing out which oil was used to nourish our strands that day. I dating sites over 50 australia too dating brenham texas to let him see me without the long flowing hair I once spotted.

So it's always nice to come dating to someone who knows the rules of playing in coils, and that patting from the top is never the right approach. Extra points if you're able to piece together the very complicated seasonal-oil-change algorithm. Yes, they do believe it or not. More Stories One of the first things us curly girls are often concerned about when going natural is wearing our natural hair in the workplace.

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It should be the qualities of a person that matters not so much the looks. I was natural hair at first but frustrated at how long it was taking me to get it done so I let him help me.

1. You can identify oils by smell alone.

In dating he was fascinated at the soft fluffy hair as he unravelled each cornrow. Was it the texturethe thicknessthe versatility of it?

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By now you know not to expect any outside plans, and maybe give a day-or-two cushion before expecting normal activities to resume; it takes a few days for the curls to pop back.

He also loves running his fingers through it and playing with my curls. However you looked when they first met you is how they want you, everything else is deemed unnecessary. Safe to say he did not like my natural hair, and preferred my hair straight.

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2. You get the restrictions of “wash day.”

After a few dates he got used to the fact that I changed my hair often and that my hair style could vary from time to time. Tawona Butler Tawona is a mother first, everything else comes second.

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Has he ever dated a woman with natural hair? What I do know for sure is that relationship is over and reading this through it was for the best.

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To my surprise my first compliment on my natural hair was from a man. By a variety I mean short permed hair, a caesar, a TWA, and a growing fro.

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Lucky for him, he was with me long enough to see me with a variety of different hairstyles see photos of some of my hairstyles over the years. We buy a pack and two days later we have none, so we buy another pack. Some men actually prefer natural hair. How you feel about your hair is how others will feel too. Does it look ok?

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He told the hostess he was look for a woman with big curly hair, little did he know my hair was in a bun that night. He has been the most supportive person on my natural journey and even helped me set up this blog.

It sort of threw him off a bit but he liked it and appreciated the different look and that he could see my face more. Not all men like adorn weaves or relaxers. Yes, hair is just hair but it is an external part of my identity as a black woman. Over time I noticed the more I embraced my natural hair the more attention I got, it made me standout. Thinking about mixing it up and straightening those curls?

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Would he think less of me? Your email address will not be published. He loves my afro so much and he encourages me to wear it out more often. Next article Travel With Natural Hair: