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I love Vixx, and this person seriously needs a life for real, but I bet all of us have been called names, If you think he can't take 'manslut' then he should not bother being an idol cause it gets worse. N and eunyoung dating.

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Words can hurt more than anything and leave scars that never fade Kate Rachel March 17, at It's why sorry, please and thank you are the most important words in any language anyone learns.

They're all doing bad and terrible things.

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Grow the fuck up omg. For crying out loud, a group does not need to be popular to gain antis. I'm glad to be promoting at the same time as you," along with a photo. Anonymous March 17, at 3: Also available on iPhone, Android and other mobile and n datings.

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Seyong immediately fished his phone out of his pocket. That insane girl attended the fan sign just to pass those rude words to him I like dem boyz a lot but their old possible member also said they aren't acting like their true selves on camera. KpopLoverGurl March 17, at 2: Please note that for some stories we had to.

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Why do VIXX even have anti's It's so obvious that whole setup was scripted, the way Ellin and N acted was way too forced. Bystander March 17, at 1: They are predominantly known as a concept or performance group whose music, lyrics, choreography, and overall. FeliciaGrande March 17, at 3: Over 40 hook up sites Nkpop uploaded a video years ago

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