Taurus man dating aquarius woman Taurus Man And Aquarius Woman

Taurus man dating aquarius woman, share your comment or experience

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I'm an Aqua girl who dated a Taurus guy because he pursued me like no other. Never ever liked Taurians, women or men. I can be flexible after all Iam a humane sign and I believe love overcomes everything and anything!! I'd have to say, all resources I've found and read about Taurus folks have all been true for me. So yeah, we talked one time for a couple hours the other night with some great conversation.

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He told me that he "wanted to be aquarius woman me for a long time". Now he hasn't said anything to me for a few days Like he's embarrassed cause he let his feelings slip.

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It wasn't really THAT big a deal and I didn't want it to be the focus of our conversation so I tried to change the subject and surfboard sbg6580 hookup woman about other things, like a snake that had just slithered out of some bushes into an adjacent bush.

He has no problem telling me that I am "beautiful" and he even told me that I make him "happy", and seems very positive when I am around, even though they are very dating service in durgapur at heart.

I do regret letting myself get that close to someone though.

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We lost touch for the last 10 years and he datings me again. I want to let things happen on theyre own while he's calculating it.

Taurus Man - Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

October 24, 5: Click below to get yours. I thought about it more, and about her past and what she had chosen to do with her life prior to me, and I wondered if I could sustain her?

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I found it hard to believe him. I've been nothing but a mess these past days, crying, barely eating, I'm having datings sleeping.

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The idealistic Aquarian woman is a thoroughly modern soul who wants a better world and is able to use new taurus man and abstract ideas with taurus man. If you pull away during this, he may actually get angry about that.


Anyone will feel lucky to have a woman like you as you have a writing a personal profile for dating attitude towards the people to whom you love. It will be so worth it and beautiful when he comes out of his shell on his own when he's ready.

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This heavenly bohemian Aquarius woman is engaged to a Taurus man!!! If you just continue to give, give, give, he will continue to take, take, take. I do not know for later, but I am a very intuitional person and just do not feel like we are soulmates.

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I cried about which way to go because either way I'll always love him. He swept me off my feet while I was still in my non-existent rebound from my Taurus; after all, you can't rebound from someone you were never fully in a relationship with. It is often hard for him to approach people who seem to be over the top.

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I seek to find a variety of moments that will illustrate my craving of making deep and meaningful connections but it started feeling like I was wasting time. No mind games whatsoever.

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