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My observation is that nearly all the male residents come to the hospital already married and very few of the female residents are already married. The people who give you wierd looks, more than likely wouldn't last 1 hour in this line of work. I have stayed single my entire way through school, by my own choice.

Now, as for the jealousy issue. That guy with the beer gut says: Quote from Boltthrower Yes.

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Wow - I had no idea so much stereotypical thinking still existed. He is a freshman, I am about to graduate.

Poll: Would you consider "dating" a male nurse?

It irritates my friends that I can go talk to women without having any inclination to pursue anything, but they are too afraid. How do Asian guys feel about Asian women dating white guys?

It cracks me up as classmates and professors figure out that we're together and older dating younger quotes just recently happened.

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Submit a school review today! I am a soon to be male nurse that would like to date a female nurse.

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Sep 2, '06 by mingez. Thanks for your excellent dating posts, man! Just don't stick your dick in crazy, whether you work with her or not.

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His crew got a new painter recently Where you getting those stats from bro? That would be the ideal!

Find the good stuff Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone. Beyond that, true friendship is also possible between members of the opposite sexes; however, many men don't seem to realize that this is possible.

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Feb 20, '02 by kewlnurse. As always, speak to your healthcare male nurses dating female nurses for answers specific to your condition. After 2 years of flirting with him And that can be a good thing because the women know you are there to learn how to be a nurse and that is it.

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