Starter motor hookup How to Wire a Motor Starter

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Several other combinations are possible and are easily derived from the methods shown in this article.

Starter solenoid

Click for larger photo. Also in the top photo the uppermost terminal seems to have two connections smaller spade and larger one why is this?

Intruments warning lights etc 3 is for the preheating Glowplugs which may be themselves connected via a realy 4 is the connection to the starter solenoid coil BUT check it with a meter!

It consists of a powerful DC Direct Current electric motor and the starter solenoid that is attached to the motor see the picture. Starter solenoid Starter solenoid The starter solenoid works as a powerful electric relay. If the overload current exceeds the setting of the relay for a sufficient length of time, a set of contacts opens to protect the motor from damage.

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Neutral safety switch Neutral Safety Switch Transmission Range Sensor For safety reasons, the starter motor can only be operated when the automatic transmission is in Park or Neutral position; or if the car has a manual transmission, when the clutch pedal is depressed. I am not entirely happy about the above. Turn one more position and hold it there.

Starter motor

The flywheel is attached to the engine crankshaft. The larger one may be where the alternator output is connected.

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All times are GMT. Motor Starter The motor starter consists of at least two components: Since a motor has inductance, the breaking of the current is more difficult so the contactor has both a horsepower and current rating that needs to be adhered to. Overload Relay The starter motor relay is a device that has three current sensing elements and protects the motor from an overcurrent.

A starter is an electric motor that turns over or "cranks" the engine to start it.

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BUT that could be via a relay Originally Posted by ripvan1. The following diagram is shown for 3-phase motor control of a delta-star connection.

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Two women rescued by the US Navy are starter motor hookup next sailing trip October 30, Thanks again Vic - hookup certainly read through the tb training site - could you recommend an idiots guide book that I could have on board? Dating someone different interests cables Starting system simplified diagram The starter motor requires a very high current to turn over the engine, that's why it's connected to the battery with thick large gauge cables see the diagram.

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Each phase going from the contactor to the motor passes through an overload relay current-sensing element. Check that you now have continuity between 1 and 2 but still no continuity with 3 and 4.

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It uses three contactors, an overload relay, one auxiliary contact block, a normally open start pushbutton, a normally closed stop pushbutton, an on delay timer of seconds and a power supply with a fuse. Here are representative images of the components used in the folowing schematics: If that all checks OK then the switch wiring will be as I suggested but I dont know what the additional spade is for which is one reason why I am not sure i have it all correct If you find any differences check which is connected to which in each position and report back.