Best way to hook up led light bar How to Install and Wire an LED Light Bar

Best way to hook up led light bar

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Look for quality watertight wire connectors in a local marine store. Channel Brackets Do not place channel brackets more than one-quarter of the light bar length in from either end of the housing.

HID and LED Lighting Technology Information

Feel free to view the collection of led light bars with detailed guides. The white truck in this picture mounted the light bar on the roof incorrectly.

You have to install the brackets which need 2 holes per bracket per side four holes total and another hole for the wiring to run into the truck another hole.

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Check for these at a local marine shop. Route wires along firewalls or the vehicle chassis. Safety First, of Course Tip 1: For instance, red for the wire from the battery to the relay, black for ground wires, yellow for a wire running from a relay to its switch, and so on. The black truck is done best way to hook up led light bar.

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If so how high would you recommend for the bar to sit at and still light up the road in front? Choose a column that is equal to or greater than the maximum current draw of your light bar.

Mounting a light bar on the roof requires some commitment. Use a wire gauge that matches or exceeds the maximum current of your LED light bar.

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Secondly it allows you to position the light bar in a more usable way. Many people in this situation are soon faced with the realization that mounting and wiring a light bar is not quite as straightforward and simple as it would first seem. Dull drill bits of the wrong size will create frustration for yourself and possibly damage your vehicle.

But would that cause more drag? Be sure the rear of the light bar housing has good ventilation and is not near a heat source.

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If you can afford them, use them. Login Log In Username: The intersection between the selected row and column indicates the proper size of wire, in AWG or American Wire Gauge, you should use for the circuit.

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The first step in doing this is to connect the wires from the light itself to your relay switch. A more complete guide to LED light bar wiring is herebut the general steps are these:.

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Only use drill bits that are the right size and are sharp. Fuse power wires to the expected current draw, not the wire size. Always remove the ground terminal clamp first followed by removing the positive side clamp. So yes most installs require 5 holes to be drilled in your roof.

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Tighten the connectors down nice and firm and your LED light bar is ready to test. Stud Mounting Smaller light matchmaking for animal lovers are often mounted within the vehicle grill or under the bumper in the case of fog lamps. Enlarge the hole with a bit midway in size between the pilot bit and the final bit size.

The load side of the cab switch goes to terminal Have fun and be safe!