Dating lorry drivers The realities of dating a truck driver

Dating lorry drivers

Featured Comment "LW, Why should anyone need to "fight for you?

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There are actually support groups for people who choose this because of the level of difficulty vgl dating. After awhile he moved closer and then chose a local driving job. You have to remember us Truck Driver's don't lie, even on our Log Book's.

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Leave a Comment Track Replies. If you are already so in love with a truck driver this would be my case that you are willing to take what you can get whenever you can get it and are satisfied with that, then by all means be with him.

Enter your email to get datings lorry drivers on this discussion. He says that women "just give him" their phone number.

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I wish you the best. I wrote him a long message and he never replied. You should also avoid dating a pilot or a traveling professional athlete.

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Hi honey I love ya! Truckers drive through inclement weather, park in unsafe areas and are in contact with many questionable people often. If most people ask their boyfriend what they did today they have many things to talk about and elaborate on.

This is not written to encourage or discourage anybody but I am not going to sugar coat anything either.

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Now on the other hand it could have been business but having owned and operated my own my wife new every business and female's that I dealt with. Thanks for your comment!

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Trust issues Trust issues will be magnified if you are in this type of relationship. She knows me and I don't have to hide on part of me or another! The moment we met, I felt something so online dating social networks. I have a lot to offer any man.